A monk once asked a student, “How many days do you think you have left to live?” Having never considered that before, the student guessed a number – 6,000 days. The monk replied, “That seems about right. So, if you have 6,000 days, do you want to waste any of them? How many of those precious days do you want to waste in frustration, anger, or not living your purpose?”

We all know deep down how precious life is, but often this gets lost in our day-to-day busyness. And even if you’re not sure what “living your purpose” means for you, through coaching, you can take steps to live in deeper alignment with your passions and talents. Moving into that deeper alignment may mean letting go of certain things, or shifting how you prioritize your time. It may mean that you have to put on your big-girl pants and take some risks that you’ve been avoiding out of fear of failure. Together, we can launch you on the road to a more authentic life, one that uses the gifts you’ve been given, imbued with a sense of gratitude for the life we get to lead.