Here's what clients are saying about Heartfire Coaching:

If you’re smart, capable, and confused about what to do with your life, Patricia Andersson will get you “unstuck.” Trained in both Europe and the U.S., she’s a highly skilled coach with the experience, training, and natural ability to kick-start an ailing dream or dig up a buried passion, then stick with you until you’ve absorbed those dreams and passions into a new and better life. Patricia is kind without being overindulgent, tough but not abrasive, and motivating without pushing too hard. She’ll help you drop the false versions of self that are impeding your progress, and embrace the true self that has been waiting for expression.
— Martha Beck, life coach and author, “Finding Your Own North Star”
Patricia has a gift for illuminating aspects of my journey I did not see for myself. Through her compassionate listening, insightful questions and innovative exercises I was able to see passage ways where I once saw stop signs. I am living bigger and freer in the world than I thought was possible.
— Mollie Hyman
Since starting my coaching sessions with Patricia I have moved forward from the hole I had found myself in and my life is now back on track. I have gone from confusion to clarity. I came to her with relationship and work issues. Previously I had always managed to find my path but this time I was stuck and I just felt like I needed some help from a professional. Patricia listened carefully and has been able to ask me just the right questions to help me to clarify my own thoughts. I have really trusted her to dig even deeper and address some underlying issues that have been impacting my life in a negative way. She has always been careful to respect my boundaries and allow my own truth to arise. Patricia came into my life at the right time and I highly recommend her to anyone who may needing change in their life.
— Gina Lutes
"Before coming to Patricia, I had already embarked on my journey towards finding my right place in the world. However, somewhere along the way I got off track and was starting to lose confidence in myself.  I started second guessing the changes I had made and doubting my abilities to meet the goals I had set out for myself. Patricia helped me get back on track! She helped me find reassurance in the decisions I had made, design the next steps I needed to take towards meeting my goals, and  gain confidence in decision making. She did this by pushing me out of my comfort zone just enough for me to overcome some of the fears that had been holding me back. 
      Along the way, she also helped me to uncover my interest in some of my old creative hobbies, which helped to bring more fun and balance into my life which had previously been "Lots of work, with little play." Although I gained so much wisdom from reading Martha Beck's book alone, it wasn't until I started meeting with Patricia that I felt I was really putting that wisdom into action! I would recommend Patricia to anyone who is feeling stuck, unsure of their purpose in life, or lost in space. Patricia will ground you and help guide you in the direction you were meant to go in!"

-- Susanna McMillan

For many years, I had a vague sense of my life purpose. And, I worked hard to “get there,” with marginal results. That changed when I began working with Patricia. Her wise counsel has enabled me to clarify my life purpose, shift my mindsets, and take meaningful action to achieve what I am destined to do. Patricia’s magic works through using her intuition to zero in on exactly what questions I need to ask myself now and then gently helping me to discover what I need to do next. Collaborating with Patricia is like coming home to a wise, old friend – someone who gets me completely. I am grateful that she’s willing to share her gifts with me.
— Ronda Zakocs
I was in a job I hated, and didn’t realize how much it was affecting my life. Patricia helped me see that it was OK for me to quit, provided the motivation to do so, and held me accountable for my decisions. Since quitting, I have found the work I have passion for, my life is much less stressful, and I can say I am truly happy again. I’m looking forward to working more with Patricia, to make my new business as successful as it can be.
— Allison Sharpe-Vitug
The last several years of my life have been a series of tidal wave losses that have left me broken, uprooted and disconnected from many of the activities, people and experiences that bring me joy. Patricia has been the gift I was seeking to reclaim and recreate a life that I love. She listens intently and sings the song in my heart back to me when, as now, I have long forgotten the words. She grounds me, giving me in her gentle caring manner a foundation from which to dream again. She has brainstormed with me in creating paths to explore and provided the accountability and professional companionship I need to stay the course, and I really appreciate her mastery of the resources and avenues that can turn my dreams into reality. I am confident my life will become the life I endeavor and long for, because of Patricia. She is both coach and cheering squad for me in a way that no one else in my life can be and I can’t thank her enough.
— Paula Hansen
Patricia is amazing at noticing when I am speaking and thinking from a place that is not really what I want or feel is true for me. She has helped me peel away the voices of shoulds and the voices of fear and get down to what I really want and need as a unique individual. Working with her has saved me years of heading in the wrong direction and stalling in making the changes I knew I needed to make.
— Audrey Perins
"Patricia has made a significant contribution to manifesting my perfect life. When I came to her a couple of months ago I was unfocused and full of too many options. Within two weeks she had helped me sort them out, prioritize and begin on two major projects. Instead of telling me my dreams were unrealistic (which I heard from everyone else) she championed them and helped me break them down and begin. I am currently working on my next two projects and I won't be alone - Patricia will be there all the way, as mentor, coach and friend."

-- Nancy MacLaren